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Whatever your project is, we have the team to help you bring it from initial idea to professional completion. Our expert team of producers, engineers, musicians and creatives are some the best in the industry and easy to work with.

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Artist production

Our producers work in most styles and can help you as little or as much as you need.  We do songwriting, production, arranging, scoring, top-line writing or whatever your project requires.

We have worked with Disney Channel, Joel Adams, American Idol, Prettymuch, Chris Marsol, Ts3di and many other artists to create music that has been streamed millions of times.


recording and mixing

Our space is ready for vocal tracking, classical piano recording, full band sessions, podcasts or anything else you can think of!

The live room is one of the best sounding rooms out there, period! Our control room is acoustically designed from the ground up and we have the best equipment available.

We mix any style of music and audio and have connections to mastering services.


Podcast production and custom soundtracks

Our clients include large companies, local business podcasts and everything in between. We can record audio in our studio or at a interview location and help you edit the recordings into a final product. If you need music and sound effects we have you covered there as well! Check out the examples below of a couple podcast series we worked on.