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Broken Horn Studios was founded in 2010 by musician William Mandell, with a focus on live performance recording. 


Over the years we have expanded our services, client base and network.  Our portfolio now includes commercial music, feature film mixing, audio books, podcasts and original music production. 

Check out the stories of our team members below. We have performed and produced music all over the world for both live and studio projects. There are many people not listed here (studio musicians, freelancers, etc)  that work with us and add their expertise in various disciplines. 


Growing up in a working class family on the SF peninsula, it was a big investment when William's parents bought him his first musical instrument – a trumpet.

At his very first official band practice back in middle school, our founder William set his trumpet case down behind his dad's car to unload stuff into a friends garage.   As William went inside, Dad started the car and backed up – thoroughly flattenening the horn.  He and his Dad were devastated.  Fortunately, they had purchased the insurance package offered by the store!

This poor trumpet is the inspiration for our name – reminding us that while 'things' come and go – the music lives on!

William Mandell

Principal Producer

Formally trained in multiple instruments, composition and electronic music, William has performed all over the world in many genres with Grammy winning artists. 

In college, William was hired by the school to record the live concerts while learning electronic music production. After school and extensive performing Broken Horn began to take shape, offering full service production on a variety of projects  

omer L

Engineer / Producer

Trained in audio production and engineering at SF State University, Omer also produces his own music and runs a weekly radio show at a local station. He has worked at Broken Horn tracking live bands, voice over projects, audiobooks and podcast production. Trained in classic and modern production methods, Omer runs any recording session efficiently and comfortably.

Sepand B

Engineer / Producer

In addition to experience in multiple recording studios, Sepand is an expert in corporate audio and video broadcasting. He manages system design at Blackrock and helps coordinate video and audio conferences all over the world. He previously has worked in Iran, Malaysia and San Francisco doing audio recording, editing and mixing as well as producing his own original music with his project "SkyCabin"

Paul savio

producer/ engineer

Paul is a musician and audio engineer who uses music to travel to different places. He has toured extensively with Platinum Album artists, controlling sound and lights in venues ranging from small clubs to large amphitheaters.


He is now working as an audio producer whose specialties include mixing for VR, binaural audio, and always keeping an ear to the ground for that new sound.

Louise Noble

Vocal Talent

Born and raised in the San Francisco Bay Area, Louise has been singing since she can remember and playing piano since she was 9. Her music is a mix of pop and folk and centers around her soulful songwriting. Louise has been writing, recording, and performing since 2011, and has performed solo and with bands in various venues across the Bay Area including SF Jazz, Angelica’s Bistro, and The Starry Plough. You can check out Louise’s single “Gravity” on her Bandcamp page ( or on any music-streaming platform.

Phillip J


Phillip is a classically trained pianist, who performs internationally.

Reuben Ly

Podcast Consultant / Vocal Talent

Reuben is both a client of Broken Horn Studios, and a collaborator. 

His podcast Working Sunday is produced through the studio and is gaining audience and national press attention.  He is available to consult on sound design, narration and writing for other podcasts produced through Broken Horn Studios.

Alex D