High end analog and digital hybrid recording facility

Making the best recordings requires the best tools. We have the latest in digital technology and processing as well as classic analog gear to give your final product a three-dimensional life-like sound. 

Equipment includes:

Solid State Logic recording console, Neve, Neumann, Universal Audio, Tube Tech, AKG, Heritage audio, SE electronics, Sennheiser, Fender, Kawai and more!


Grand Piano Recording

The Piano is often overlooked in recording studios. Many are not well-maintained or the are low quality in the first place and finding a concert quality instrument is rare. Not here! We have a brand new 6'7" Kawai GX-5 Grand piano with an amazing touch that is beautifully maintained and set up in front of a theater curtain for an awesome video. In addition to an acoustically treated space for the instrument, we have purpose specific microphones to capture a beautiful recording for your song, audition video, YouTube channel or whatever you might like.

Located in San Mateo in a quiet neighborhood, Broken Horn is easily accessible by public transit with plentiful street parking.