Your sound,

 but better

Recording can happen anywhere but a good mix still requires a well treated room and good equipment. Now with internet file transfer, you can get your music mixed on the same equipment used on multi-platinum recordings from anywhere in the world. Scroll below for more details and examples.


The best ears and the best tools

Great gear means nothing without the skills to use it. Our mix engineers have worked on hundreds of projects in every genre, so your mix will come out just how you desire.

Everything gets mixed through our Solid State Logic Console, Barefoot Speakers and a great selection of outboard gear. We use analog summing, EQ, and compression as well as the best digital processing tools to achieve and color of sound you want.

We also offer mastering services. While we are not a dedicated mastering house, we can give you great results for a fraction of the price of a high end mastering studio. If you want the best mastering in the business, we have connections for that too, just reach out.


The tracks below were mixed or mastered here

Ts3di: Let Go
Downhearted Blues
Circles Cover
Chris Marsol: Vibe
EDM Track
Beethoven Piano
Police Podcast
Louise Noble: Gravity
Indie film track