We record music and audio in acoustically treated spaces with industry standard microphones and recording equipment. The studio environment is professional but comfortable and our team of engineers are skilled and fun to work with. Check out the studio page for more details.


music production

Are you a singer or songwriter wanting to get your project recorded? Do you  rap and want to take it to the next step with quality songs that you can promote and perform? Maybe you have a podcast idea or video that needs narration. 

We can hep you with all of that. Check out some of our past work with music production below

GravityLouise Noble
00:00 / 01:42
City LightsMynt Music
00:00 / 00:52
Jelly GrooveKristen Cardiasmenos
00:00 / 04:09

Podcast creation


Our clients include large companies, local business podcasts and everything in between. We can record audio in our studio or at a interview location and help you edit the recordings into a final product. If you need music and sound effects we have you covered there as well! Check out the examples below of a couple podcast series we worked on.

mixing and mastering

Giving your tracks to a audio professional to mix through dedicated equipment will increase the quality of your final product more than anything else. If the levels are not balanced, then your song, film or podcast will not have the desired impact for the listener. Quality mixing and mastering shouldn't be a complicated or overly expensive process and we can help guide you through what your project needs.

We use both analog and digital processing techniques to achieve the sound that is right for your project. The design of our facility allows us to mix with a combination of "classic" analog techniques and modern digital hybrid systems, all based around an industry standard Solid State Logic mixing console made in England.